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Company bike plans from A to Z

In order to discourage the use of cars and encourage the use of alternative transport, the Dutch government has developed various initiatives.

In this context, the Dutch government is promoting the use of bikes as a means of transport between home and work with attractive tax benefits.



1.  You purchase a bike yourself and pay Internetbikes for it directly. You can then hand in the invoice to your employer.

Via this procedure, you can purchase the bike from Internetbikes at the lowest price.
This means you take full advantage of our discounts, and the tax authorities also pay a share. Another advantage is that you can take the bike with you straight away or have it delivered.

2. You buy a bike via Internetbikes and your employer pays Internetbikes for it directly.

In this case you also take full advantage of Internetbikes' discounts.
After the invoice amount is paid by your employer and has been transferred to our bank account, you will receive an e-mail to inform you that you can come and collect the bike or when we will deliver it. Naturally the tax benefit also applies here.

When placing your order, indicate in the comments box that the bike will be paid for by your employer.

3. Your employer has concluded an agreement with a company bike agent.

Internetbikes works with these intermediaries. However, you must bear in mind that the discount which Internetbikes gives on the recommended retail prices works out lower if you purchase your bicycle from your employer via these company bike agents.
These company bike agents add a marketing fee for their intermediary services. This marketing fee can amount to as much as 15 % of the sales price. This fee is passed on to the customer by Internetbikes.

Your employer has concluded an agreement with a company bike agent. You order the bike according to the normal ordering procedure at Internetbikes.

When you place your order, indicate the name of the company bike agent through which the bike will be purchased in the comments box.

You can ask your employer for a bike agent form; you fill in this form as completely as possible and send it to:

Internetbikes, Bredasebaan 5, 5531 NB Bladel.
Internetbikes checks the application form, fills in the remaining sections for you and sends it back to you.

You give the form back to your employer. Your employer must ensure that the fully completed form is sent to the company bike agent. Within 2-3 weeks Internetbikes receives the authorisation and the delivery document from the company bike agent.
You will then receive an e-mail from us informing you when you can come and collect the bike or when we will deliver it.
In this case you can also take advantage of the tax benefit.


We don't accept 'fietsbon' / 'couponbon' bike vouchers.

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